Our technology benefits of machines and other operational tools, in concordance with our process needs, where the technological component must represent a high level support and merge with a qualified human component, in a unity relationship that determines a result of high quality and technical product. Our machinery park consists of specific operating units for sheet working, built by companies known internationally for quality, reliability and efficiency and a reference point for this type of processing. We have Trumpf laser cutting machines, Genko shearing machines, Amada punching machines, Schiavi bending machines, different types of welding machines (including Tig welding) and assembly machines.

Our technological philosophy looks to the future, more precisely to the new needs of the market and new production techniques that include both the evolution of the machines in terms of profitability of the workings, precision and connection with the other actors of the production process (planning, 4.0 management, organization, fast production changes, easy and intuitive dialogue with the operator, low maintenance costs) and the cultural and technical training of the human component. Each of these aspects is very important for us because they act in symbiosis on the growth of our business.

The machines must be able to work with great precision, without the typical defects of the various mechanical stresses, on the realized products, both in simple and complex form, perfectly combining production needs with those of quality and efficiency.

The human component must be increasingly educated and educated. Our team must have an open-mindedness to technological change and innovative production systems, without losing the professionalism typical of a technical culture, able to add value to the product.

  • Laser cut

  • Shearing

  • Punching

  • Folding and Bending

  • Welding

  • Satin finishing