Industrial processes

Our type of product, diversified in form and quantity, obliges us to talk about technological processes because every product we make is different from one another, both in form and in production time, and therefore forces the whole organization to change design and planning, materials and operations of the human component, use of technologies and controls, with a significant managerial and professional commitment, in order to guarantee quality standards and economic contents budgeted and agreed with the customer.

All our technological and human structure is oriented and formed for this type of production model, therefore, even within a continuously variable production management, can express levels of administration, efficiency and high quality, able to satisfy the market and the business economy.

Each process is subdivided by processing steps that are coded through the production order in a special software where each operator is informed about the project, the type of final product, temporal planning, expected delivery date, materials and technologies to be use in those that are its competences and the particularities executive on the controls, all in compliance with the standards set in the quality plan.

We are working to create a restricted area to our customers, where they can access to monitor the progress of orders related to their products and, if necessary, take action to better meet their production needs.