Quality and control

For TAG METAL, the concept of "Quality" coincides with our way of thinking and working. No product should come out of our factory which does not represent "absolute quality" in terms of customer satisfaction. This is part of the values and operational conscience of our company.
We firmly believe that the principles of ISO 9000 standards, the ISO 9001 standards and the management of process improvement of the most recent ISO 9004, constitute a concrete cultural, operational and technical support for the formation of a quality culture as a value to be applied in all circumstances: in the product, in the service, in the evaluation of the client's interest, in the benefit of our workers and in our behaviour as a property.

Our "quality system" is not pre-packaged, but shaped in compliance with the principles of ISO standards about our reality, our processes, the needs of our customers and our cultural identity. This happens through objectives of simple, measurable, acceptable, realistic and traceable quality, which concern all levels of organization until the process and the product, referable, as a last and fundamental fact, to the satisfaction of the customer's needs.

We too are pleased because this approach to real quality, not just virtual, has allowed us to increase our personality and credibility in the market, to continuously improve our business and the strength of our corporate brand. We are also sure that this has helped to strengthen the collective awareness and the spirit of belonging of our entire team.